• Create custom tasks
  • Automated chasing
  • Proactivity
  • Less time chasing clients

Introducing Custom Tasks

Tell me more I hear you ask. Custom Tasks is a feature which helps drive proactivity in your firm and helps you get things done quicker.

The process is simple. You need your client to do something for you. You would simply create them a task inside your Link App case. The client would instantly get notified of this new task by push notification.

Not only this, and here is the great bit, The Link App will then chase your client to complete the task based on the deadline you have set your client. Its that simple. By using custom tasks you are driving matters forward and not having to remember to chase your clients to do something. We think its great and so do our users.


So what does this look like in practice?

Do you find yourself spending all of your time chasing your clients to provide you information, documents and just general information?


Let The Link App help you with this. We give you peace of mind that any task you set your clients, they will get notified about instantly. They will also get chased on a regular basis which enables you to push on with more important matters safely knowing that things aren’t being left behind.

  • Need your client to send you a copy of their ID?
    - Set your client a task.

  • You need a signed Contract back?
    - Set your client a task.

  • Chasing for money on an account?
    - Set your client a task.

  • You need a copy of a document?
    - Set your client a task.