In light of COVID-19 and its impact on the world of work, we are announcing that we are offering our product to law firms for free – during the crisis. 


We provide a secure and confidential communication tool, across all devices: home computers, laptops, iPads, and iPhone/Android phones.


We recognise that these are difficult times. As businesses relocate and adapt to homeworking, our clients will need communication streams to be open - more than ever. Client reassurance and retention will be a priority.


In uncertain times, when homeworking is enforced, it will become so much more important for your team to stay connected. To reassure your clients, to continue to provide a professional service.


Our easy-to-use platform delivers that, enabling all users to instantly message our clients, share documents with them and arrange call backs, giving clients benefit from regular, accessible case updates, push notifications and secure document storage. 


But it’s more than that - The Link App also now enables internal communication. We’ve adapted our platform to allow all employees within a firm to use the one channel, either for one to one or group chats. We have anticipated some of the other issues lawyers will experience suddenly being asked to isolate and work from home. It is vital for professional and mental wellbeing to keep connected with your team.


We know the legal profession well. We know that all firms are not set up for home working in a way that other sectors are - the fact that The Link App works across all devices is key. Your team can interact with each other and their clients with ease. We appreciate this may be a difficult time for many and we hope this can help. 


This will keep your team connected, while continuing to provide a professional service. 


To start using The Link App for free, no contract, no hidden charges, please go to our website and signup via the Get started button and you will be able to self-serve onto the platform instantly. When you log in you will initially see a flag that says your use is limited to 14 days, this will be removed within the first week of using our product and we will keep you up to date about your free use via email. We hope that this really helps your firm during this period!