ID Verification

  • Verify documents
  • Request ID checks
  • No delay
  • Encrypted documents
  • Send reminders

Introducing ID Verification

Our partnership with GBG means you can verify documents in an instant and send documents using The Link App for instant signature and return. Verification solutions to help you boost conversion, fight fraud and stay compliant. Documents are encrypted and a complete audit trail is maintained.

The best thing? No need for couriers, faxing or waiting! You can also set reminders to chase clients to complete the ID check tasks. 

Data Check, ID & Liveness Check and AML Check

There are three methods of identification checks you can ask your clients to complete through The Link App:

  • Data Check
    - A straightforward KYC check that will provide a pass/refer result.

  • Document & Liveness
    - Ability to scan an ID document and perform a liveness test within the mobile device or desktop/laptop.

  • AML Check
    - A Sanctions and PEP check, which requires a Data Check as well to carry this out.