Wake Smith

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Participants: Glenn Simpson IT Manager and Ivor Donn Director of Finance


How long has the firm been using Tikit P4W and why did you choose The Link App integrated?

Glenn: We have been using P4W for over 20 years in its various forms. When we look at any new technology, it is vitally important that it integrates into Partner 4 Windows case management system. The Link App integration with Partner was a key driver for us and allows our staff to continue to work in one central location.


How have you found working alongside The Link App?

Glenn: We think that TLA generally cares about customer service and it has always accommodated our needs for flexibility on the platform. They are always there when we need them, and always listen to our feedback to make improvements to the platform which have made a positive impact for us.


Why did you choose The Link App?

Ivor: Predominantly because of the secure communications; bank level security, everything is in one area for our clients, it is easy to use, the clients can use whichever method they want (mobile, tablet, PCs, any device). For us, it is a really great marketing differentiator, it is cutting edge technology, it improves efficiencies; we can send documents such as client care letters out immediately, and there is going to be cost savings emanating. So, a great success.


What did the firm want to achieve using P4W and The Link App?

Glenn: We wanted to provide our clients with a quick, secure messaging platform which would also provide further improvements such as reducing phone calls into the office, removing our reliance on post for sending confidential material, and also allow us to progress the case much quicker. Of course this brings with it a reduction in areas such as printing and postal charges.


Ivor: It is also a seamless interface. That is another reason for increasing the great efficiencies.


How have you found working alongside The Link App?

Ivor: Working alongside TLA and the team that they have has really been great. All members of the team, from Lauren to the techies, customer service, everyone is customer focused and they want you to achieve your goals. When issues arise, they generally get sorted quickly. 


Working alongside The Link App has really been an excellent pleasure. There is an excellent team, from Lauren at the top through to the technical people, the customer service. In terms of getting back to us, sorting out issues, nothing is too much trouble. From my side, the commercial side, from my team manager's side. 


All I can say is a great team and a pleasure to work with.